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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Professional medical service of Occupational Therapy

kinesis Home Health provides experienced and quality occupational therapy throughout Central Texas. Our home health care occupational therapists help restore the skills necessary for living an independent and satisfying life.


Occupational therapy is necessary for those struggling with the skills and mindset necessary to lead productive, active and independent lives. These types of therapists help patients recover physical, mental, or developmental hardships. These hardships often prevent patients from succeeding in work and other aspects of life. By understanding the source of your problems, our occupational therapists can help you take the steps toward healing and success.

  • Techniques in energy conservation
  • Functional abilities and therapies to restore physical activity
  • Recommendations for home modifications
  • Restorative therapy for independence in daily living
  • Recommend adaptive equipment and train ineffective use
  • Home assessment for potential hazards
  • Schedule maintenance, routine building and coping skills
  • Promotion of healthy living practices and social participation

If you are interested in one or more of our services, contact us to set up an in-home assessment. We are available by email or by phone during normal business hours.

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